A tree grows in Afghanistan

Ghulam Sakhi, a 70-year-old Afghan man, “has no home of his own, but spends his life putting down roots” by planting mulberry, cherry, plum, willow, or polar trees “whenever and wherever he can.”. A native villager from Banoo, in the northern part of the country, Sakhi has created 13 orchards in Baghlan province over the past four decades. Spending almost all of his wages to buy saplings and transport them to the different places where he wants to plant them, Sakhi said: “I want passersby to enjoy fruit, or just rest in the shade of trees,” adding that: “If there is no brook or spring nearby, I dig a well there to water the trees.” In describing his hobby he says, “When I was young, once I heard elderly people talking about the benefits of doing good things to others. That day I decided to dedicate my life to planting trees because I couldn’t think of doing anything else to benefit others.”


Taken from “Foreign Policy.”